First try playing around with Cinema 4D.
It’s really fun.

Hopefully the music plays, if not be sure to listen to some ;)

Another time lapse by me, since I was doing this really late at night I stopped after I had the basic shapes down.

That zoom-in and zoom-out thing I do a lot is just me thinking… :P

In reference to one line in the song, but it fits I guess…
I’ve mostly finished my App Store replacement icon; enough so, that I can release this!  The download includes all sizes excluding 512 pixels.  Excuse the crappy preview, I threw something together so I could present it to you guys!
Download here.
I’ve been working on a Mac App Store Replacement icon recently.  I’m trying to make this icon loosely resemble the one on 5th Avenue, so I have to fix a bunch of things.  The Apple logo will be hanging on the inside of the building and I’ll smooth it out a bit.  The walls need to be clear and I need to add the joints that hold them together.
On icon design, I tend to start off with 256 px rather than 512 because I feel that 256 is the most “usable” size.  512 px is way to big, and I feel is only used to show off your attention to detail.  256 px is easier to scale down to the smaller sizes and also easier to scale up to twice the size and add all the details that wouldn’t be necessary on the smaller sizes.